Onondaga County Civil War Units
12th N.Y. Vol. Inf. Reg. - Co. B
Recruited principally in Syracuse

This is a roster of Company B, copied from page 405 of Clayton's History of Onondaga County, 1878. It should be noted that this roster was probably taken from the initial muster rolls from 1861. That a person's name is missing from this list does not necessarily mean he was not in the unit. A more complete compilation can be found in pages 1–212 of New York (State) Adjutant-General's Office Annual Report for the Year 1899. No. 19. Albany, NY: J. B. Lyon, 1900.

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Captain: Jacob Brand
Lieutenant: Peter Straus
Ensign: John P. Spanier
1st Sergeant: Michael Auer
Sergeants: Julius Hintz, George Boiteu, Max Fix
Corporals: Michael Welter, Jacob Simmon, Albert Hoffmann, John Dauer
Drummer: Moritz Schwarz

Privates: Frank Baar, Anthony Baurus, Nicholas Becker, Lucius Bell, Charles Bohmann, John Briggs, Pius Caggey, Henry Christ, Liander Darling, John Durr, Conrad Eberhard, Valentine Eberling, Bradley C. Farnham, Killian Faulstieg, Martin Feisenheimer, John Fickeys, Joseph Fuechter, Frederich Gies, Thomas Gilbert, George Gordon, Philipp Greenwald, John Greiner, Simon Greis, Anthony Gross, Herman Hamilton, Nicklas Henni, Christian Herpel, George Herr, Herman Hirt, Henry Hof, Killian Hover, Louis Huber, George Kaufmann, Thomas Kendall, Charles Kenyon, Philipp Kohles, John Kurz, George W. Lampman, Peter Lang, William Letterman, George Looby, John Maurer, Michael McCue, John Melchior, William Michael, Gebbard Moll, William Muehlhauser, John L. Newman, James Osborn, George Pollman, John Rietmann, Conrad Ring, Peter Sattler, Ernest Fredrich Sauter, John George Sauter, John Schick, John C. Schroder, Martin Schroder, George Schuder, Fredrich Seidel, John Warner, John Weber, Edward Wolf.

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