Onondaga County Civil War Units
12th N.Y. Vol. Inf. Reg. - Co. C
Recruited principally in Syracuse

This is a roster of Company C, copied from page 405 of Clayton's History of Onondaga County, 1878. It should be noted that this roster was probably taken from the initial muster rolls from 1861. That a person's name is missing from this list does not necessarily mean he was not in the unit. A more complete compilation can be found in pages 1–212 of New York (State) Adjutant-General's Office Annual Report for the Year 1899. No. 19. Albany, NY: J. B. Lyon, 1900.

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Captain: Dennis Driscoll, Jr.
Lieutenant: James Randall
Ensign: John P. Stanton
1st Sergeant: Michael Foley
Sergeants: George Travis, John Lighton, John Carroll
Corporals: Richard J. Wright, James Lewis, William Stanton, John R. Bailey
Drummers: Hiram Foote, Frederick Kaufman

Privates: George W. Benjamin, Edward Blaney, Floyd H. Broughton, Charles W. Brown, George W. Button, William Caffrey, Robert Clemence, Francis M. Coan, Michael Conlan, William Davern, Hugh Davison, Patrick Dervin, Timothy Desmond, Francis Doyle, John Dwyre, James Feeney, William Fickland, Garett Fitzgerald, John Fitzgerald, Edmund Fitzmaurice, John Fox, Francis Gillespie, John Guidar, William Hallem, Thomas Hart, Patrick Hennesy, George Hoose, William Kennedy, Dennis Kennedy, Jeremiah Killbride, Lemuel Ladd, John Lewis, Maxwell McCallen, Samuel McCormick, Patrick McCue, John McDonnell, James McGough, John McGough, John McLoughlin, Hugh O'Brien, Edward O'Brien, Martin O'Brien, James O'Donnell, Patrick Parsons, Horace Pratt, Frederick Price, Patrick Quigley, John W. Randall, Patrick Ready, John Regan, John H. Roberts, Michael Slattery, George Slicer, Charles A. Stocking, William K. Thatcher, James Thompson, James Warn.

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