Photograph of Second Lieutenant William Judson Webb

122nd NY Volunteer Infantry Regiment

The photograph on this page was sent to me 28 May 2003 by David C. Webb,, of Winchester, Virginia. Lt. Webb was a granduncle of Mr. Webb's father.


The text of David C. Webb's email message that accompanied the picture was as follows:
You'll recall that I contacted you a couple of months ago about my father's great uncle, Lt. William Judson Webb of Company B, 122nd NY Volunteer Infantry. I've since found copies of "Ruggles' Regiment" at the Cedar Creek museum here in Virginia.

Attached is an electronic copy (JPEG) of a photo of Lt. Webb, from my family's records. It seems right that a copy of it should go with others you've collected, for everyone interested in the regiment to share.

I would guess the photo was taken in Syracuse in August 1862, before the regiment received their orders to go to war. The sword the lieutenant is wearing is probably the same one my father, Lt. Webb's namesake, now has.

Also, as I think I mentioned before, I'd be very interested to learn where Lt. Webb was buried. He died at Falmouth, Va., a month after what history calls "Burnside's Mud March." Would he have been buried there at Falmouth, do you think? He certainly wasn't the only casualty of that period. Conditions at the time--pouring rain, dead of winter, serious supply and communications problems in general--wouldn't have made shipping his body home to Syracuse very easy, either, if it was even possible. If the sword and some of his other effects were sent home, though, perhaps he was, too. Do you have any idea where I could look for records of his burial, or if such even exist?


Below you will find his entry from page 3453, Volume IV of Phisterer's New York in the War of the Rebellion, 1861-1865.

WEBB, WILLIAM JUDSON., Age 20 years; enrolled August 14, 1862, at Syracuse to serve three years; mustered in as Second Lieutenant, Company B, August 28, 1862; died of typhoid fever, February 28, 1863, at camp near Falmouth, Va.; commissioned Second Lieutenant, September 10, 1862, original; First Lieutenant, not mustered, February 25, 1863, with rank from February 9, 1863, vice C. G. Nye, resigned.

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