NEWSPAPER: The Marathon Mirror

DATE: May 13, 1865

AUTHOR: B. F. Alleger, Editor & Publisher






Head Qrs. 185th New York Vols.

Wilson's Station, South Side R.R.

May 1st, 1865


Regimental news is not extensive now-a-days. The 'boys' are very comfortable in Camp, with not much to do and no enemy to fear.---- They seem to be waiting for something to turn up. Furloughs for twenty (20) days are granted freely in case of sickness and urgent business, and many are availing themselves of the opportunity. The Brigade is guarding three miles of the Railroad and in a very pleasant section of country. There is much sadness relative to the death of our late Commander-in-chief, as well as joy over Union victories both in our own and Sherman's Army.

The citizens in this region are very submissive to the 'Powers that be -' in some cases probably out of policy - but in a majority of instances there is whole-heartedness in the submission. Capt. Abbott and Major Wood lay seige to all the pianos 'in town' and they (the pianos) speak out 'right smart' in musical strains, such Union airs as: 'Hail Columbia,' 'The song of a Thousand Years,' 'The Red, White and Blue,' 'The Flag is still there,' &c. The Major's voice never was clearer nor the Major in better trim, than when seated at these 'secesh' pianos, in the awful presence of these 'secesh' females. It is hoped that his music will work its part in the grand plan of re-construction.

I accompany this letter with a complete list of casualties during the recent campaign from March 29th to April 9th, both inclusive, -- Some of the wounded have since died, but as yet I have no names.




At the Battle of Gravelly Run, Va., March 29th, 1865, 2d Lieut. Daniel Minier, Co. G.

Co. A. --Serg't. L. E. Dunham, Corp'l. A. Watier, Private John Heath.

Co. B. --Serg't. John Weber, Privates Charles Bicky, John Saily, Theo. Walk.

Co. C. --Corporal W. N. Church, Private E. Rosenburg.

Co. D. --Serg't. Wm. A. Tyler, Corp'l. E. H. Orvis, Privates Thomas Moore, Joseph Kinney, Wm. B. Drew.

Co. E. --Corp'l Ellis Wilson, Privates L. Haskins, Hardin Potter, Martin Rose, Earl A. Hill, F. Kenfield.

Co. F. --Corp'l M. Sherman, Privates Geo. W. Winters, L. B. Randall.

Co. G. --Corp'l E. C. Carter, Privates O. C. Reed, C. A. Bunnell, W. R. Arnold.

Co. H. --Private Peter Parker.

Co. I. --Private F. A. Marshall.

Co. K. --Privates Carlos Rogers, James Wiles.




At the Battle of Gravelly Run, M'ch 29th, 1865.

Capt. S. O. Howard, Co A.

" D. N. Lathrop, Co D.

1st. Lieut. E. F. Bauder, Co A.

" H. C. Rorapaugh, Co E.

" A. J. Lyman, Co F.

2d. Lieut. Jno. Herron, Co B.

" C. J. Rector, Co C.

Co. A. --Corporals Henry Baker, H. W. Porter, Privates F. W. Butler, Fred. Bently, G. S. Davis, J. R. Fowler, J. Griffeth, Anthony Hostler, Henry Magee, Chas. Rauf, Martin Russel, S. E. Taggerl, James Herron.

Co. B. --Sergt. F. H. Brenan, Corporal Henry Heising, Privates, Geo. Brand, Jacob Bensing, Frank Babcock, Jno. Duggleby, Chas. Hergat, A. H. Hart, P. Weien, Jno. Sullivan, Chas. Vreeland, J. Willworth, Peter Ziph.

Co C. --Privates, D. Hamilton, Henry Bisbee; Wm. B. Drake, G. Emmons, Jaby June, Justin King, Chas. Morrison, Peter Merriman, Nelson Wilbur, N. N. Wood.

Co. D. --Corporal Jno. Golding, Privates, H. G. Cook, C. Green, George Knight, Thos. Peel, W. Walters, Jas. Wilson, A. J. Olmstead.

Co E. --Corporal M. Durkee, Privates S. Hulbert, W. Potter, J. P. Kline, S. Brodhead, Cyrus Smith, Elisha Pender, C. Getting, D. Hennessey, W. Dayton, J. Doffinson, Andrew Neff, Henry Phillips, Hiram Justice.

Co F. --Privates, E. P. Crosby, Geo. Hammond, A. Ogden, C. F. Beers, A. H. Peckham, Fred Burcle, David Hodges, Melvin Wavle, J. B. Wainwright, C. H. Lang, Wm. P. Stone, S. Skinner.

Co G. --Corporals E. A. Barlow, E. Johnson (since died.) Privates, M. Larabee, R. F. Wilbur, I. M. Richardson, Uriah Loomis, Web, Pierce, J. P. Morehouse, L. Thomas, C. Arnold, F. L. Wilcox, (taken prisoner).

Co H. --Corporals H. Lyon, W. O. Bennett. Privates, B. J. York, A. Larkin, J. N. Stokes, J. H. Kelley, J. Carlisle, A. Ross, S. Strong, I. Rowel, J. R. Walters.

Co I. --Sergts. M. W. Haskins, Jno. Carrol; Corporals C. Chidester, James Nickerson, Jno. Thorndills, Jacob Jacobe. Privates, T. Bacon, J. Bramon, Nat. Bean, W. A. Bishop, Jas. Coon, Warren Gilbert, D. Harluett, William Kavenaugh, Dennis McGuire, Martin Towner, C. Reckley, Wm. H. White, Philo Wilbur.

Co K. --Sergt. B. H. Wilson; Corp'ls Nelson Greer, M. Lawler, Privates, O. M. Bailey, A. Dasheraft, P. Cahill, Murray Clark, F. W. Eaton, Jas. Floyd, Geo. P. Farrar, N. Hook, Abner Jackson, Lawrence Lynch, J. E. Whiston, J. Wise, C. F. Withey, Geo. Weaver, C. Wyman, Chas. Stokes, Geo. Telford.




At the Battle of Graveley (sic) Run, March 29th, 1865:

Co A. -- Private C. Sullivan.

Co D. -- Sergt. F. E. Colwell, Private Chas. Laker.

Co I. --Private Jno. C. Whitney.




At the battle of Boydton Plank Road, March 31st, 1865.

Co A. --Corporal O. H. Kasson; Private J. Chapman.




At the battle of the Five Forks, April 1st, 1865.

Lieut. Byron Mudge, Adjutant,

Capt. Jno. T. Hostler, Co. D.




At the battle of the Five Forks, April 1st, 1865.

Co B. --Private W. Weber.

Co E. --Private E. Eaton.




At the battle of the Five Forks, April 1st, 1865.

Co A. --Privates R. M. Clough, J. Snyder.

Co B. --Privates Baltz Miller, A. Steinmier.

Co C. --Sergt. L. Dennick; Privates W. H. Gilbert, A. R. Roberts.

Co D. --David Harris.

Co E. --Privates G. Stebbins, A. V. Austin.

Co H. --Private I. Langworthy.

Co I. --Privates Samuel Nye, W. Porter, J. Mosher.




At the battle of the Five Forks, April 1st, 1865.

Co G. --Private John Winchell.




On the Skirmish line at South Side R. R., April 2d, 1865.

Co K. --Private E. L. Beebe.




On the Skirmish line near Appomattox C. H., April 9th, 1865.

Co G. --Lieut. Hiram Clark.




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February 25, 1995