The Davis Family Cemetery/Davis Cemetery is located off NY Route 41 between Borodino and Spafford in the Town of Spafford, Onondaga County, New York. The geographic co-ordinates are approximately 42 degrees 49 minutes 57 seconds N, 076 degrees 17 minutes 42 seconds W. The cemetery is located on farmland which is at this time (1999) owned by Fesko Farms. West of the highway, the cemetery is out of sight from the road and near a farm pond which is located between the main house of the farming operation and an older house which is nearly opposite Stanton Road.

As of April 1999, I have not yet visited the cemetery. I do, however, expect to be able to do so in the near future in order to document its present condition.

This cemetery has been recorded at least twice in the past. I present both of those earlier lists here. The first was done by Beauchamp. I am not sure of the date, but it would have been late in the nineteenth or early in the twentieth century. (My experience with Beauchamp is that he often added material that was not on the stone but which he knew from other sources. I suspect that certain information found in his list presented here is not to be found on the actual gravestone.) The second list is from Wood's book. That recording dates from 1958.

Beauchamp's Material

The following has been copied from Inscriptions from Cemeteries in Onondaga Co. taken from notes by William Martin Beauchamp.

Davis, Byron d. Aug. 26, 1849, ae. 2-4-22, s/o Judson & Elizabeth
Davis, Elias b. 1763 d. June 17, 1851, ae. 88 (stone unearthed)
Davis, Freelove d. Aug. 20, 1840, ae. 72-1-21
Davis, Jefferson d. May 21, 1849, ae. 4-2-25, s/o Judson & Elizabeth
Davis, (Capt.) John d. May 27, 1729 (1829?), ae. 33-2-13, s/o Elias & Freelove
Davis, (Col.) Lewis G. d. May 7, 1853, ae. 63-1-13, s/o Elias & Freelove
Davis, Margaret Fisher d. Oct. 26, 1833, ae. 41-0-26, w/o Lewis G.
Davis, Perlina d. Aug. 28, 1849, ae. 6y 1m, d/o Judson & Elizabeth

Fisher, Amos d. Oct. 28, 1833, ae. 82-0-6
Fisher, John b. Springfield, Otsego Co. July 15, 1794 d. Dec. 31, '74, s/o Amos

Harris, William d. May 17, 1842, ae. 54-2-25

Orton, Rachel Fisher d. Sept. 13, 1842, ae. 62-2-5, w/o Osmer

Pressey, Elizabeth d. Sept. 2, 1854, ae. 64y 4m, w/o Benjamin
Pressey, Rhoda d. Dec. 24, 1842 (or 1841), ae. 87-3-25, w/o Benjamin

Wood's Material

The following has been transcribed from the Onondaga County Public Library's copy of Onondaga County Cemetery Inscriptions, compiled by Clyde B. Wood, volume 5, page 304.

Located on Route 41, between Borodino and Spafford. In the town of Spafford, Onondaga County, N.Y. Copied Fall of 1958 by Dorothy Marcy and Mil Mendell.

Elias18 Dec 1763 - 17 June 1851; Revolutionary Soldier
Freeloved - 20 Aug 1840; ae 72-1-21; wf of Elias
Lewis C. (Col.)d - 7 May 1853; ae 63-1-13
Margaret Fisherd - 26 Oct 1833; ae 41 y; wf of Lewis C.
Perryd - 7 Aug 1843; ae 2-0-22; son of Lewis C. & M.
John (Capt.)d - 27 May 1829; ae 33-2-13
Jeffersond - 21 May 1849; ae 4-2-25
Perlinad - 28 Aug 1849; ae 6 y 1 m; dau of Judson & Elizabeth
Byrond - 26 Aug 1849; ae 2-4-2; son of Judson & Elizabeth
J. D.d -
[Wooster comment: Could that J. D. stone have been a footstone for either John or Jefferson?]
Amosd - 28 Oct 1833; ae 82-0-6
John7 July 1791 - 31 Dec 1871; son of Amos; b - Springfield, Otsego Co. [N.Y.]
Williamd - 17 May 1842; ae 54-2-25
Racheld - Sept 1812; ae 62-2-5; wf of O
Elizabethd - 2 Sept 1854, ae 64 y 1 m; wf of Moses
Rhodad - 24 Dec 1841; ae 87-3-25; wf of Benjamin

Wooster's Material

Stand by. I expect to visit the cemetery in 1999. No new stones are anticipated. I want only to document what is still visible and possibly to check out any discrepancies between Beauchamp and Woods.

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