1st Regiment, Light Artillery, N. Y. S. Volunteers

Battery B (Pettit's Battery)

Captain Rufus D. Pettit's Battery B,
1st NY Light Artillery, in Fort Richardson.
Vicinity of Fair Oaks, Virginia.
June 1862.
Photographer: George N. Barnard.
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History, Campaigns, and Officers

Battery B, First Regiment New York Light Artillery, known as Pettit's Battery, was raised at Baldwinsville and composed chiefly of Onondaga county men. It was mustered into the State service at Baldwinsville, August 24, 1861, and into the service of the United States at Elmira, August 31, 1866.
On its arrival in Washington it was the first battery to be fully mounted, and remained in camp in the vicinity of Washington till the spring of 1862. The record of its engagements during the war is as follows:

Warrenton Junction, Va.March 28, 1862.
Fair Oaks, Va.June 1-28, 1862.
Peach Orchard, Va.June 29, A.M., 1862.
Savage Station, Va.June 29, P.M., 1862.
White Oak Swamp, Va.June 30, 1862.
Malvern Hill, Va.July 1, 1862.
Centerville, Va.September 1, 1862.
Antietam, Md.September 15-17, 1862.
Charlestown, Va.October 19, 1862.
Snicker's Gap, Va.November 3, 1862.
Falmouth, Va.November 17, 1862.
Fredericksburg, Va.December 12-17, 1862.
Chancellorsville, Va.May 1-3, 1863.
United States Ford, Va.May 6, 1863.
Gettysburg, Pa.July 2-3, 1863.
Mine Run, Va.November 30, 1863.
Spotsylvania, Va.May 12, 1864.
North Anna, Va.May 23, 1864.
Tolopotomoy, Va.May 29, 1864.
Bethesda Church, Va.June 2-3, 1864.
Petersburg, Va.June 16-20, 1864.
Hatcher's Run, Va.October 27, 1864.

On the expiration of its term of service the original number, except the veterans, were mustered out, and the organization composed of veterans and recruits retained in the service. The regiment was finally mustered out by batteries in accordance with an order from the War Department, Battery B being mustered out June 18, 1865.
The following were the officers of Pettit's Battery, with the record of promotions, &c.:
Captain, Rufus D. Pettit, rank from August 29, 1861, resigned May 30, 1863.
Captain, J. M. Rority, temporarily assigned to command July 2, 1863, killed at Gettysburg.
First-Lieutenant, Albert S. Sheldon, rank from August 29, 1861, promoted to Captain, July 27, 1863, wounded at Gettysburg, discharged December 16, 1865.
First-Lieutenant, Thomas O'Shea, not commissioned, resigned October 17, 1862.
Second-Lieutenant, Walter D. Pettit, rank from August 29, 1861, promoted to First-Lieutenant February 27, 1862, discharged April 29, 1863.
Second-Lieutenant, Robert E. Rogers, rank from November 12, 1861, promoted to First-Lieutenant March 6, 1863, promoted to Captain, December 30, 1864, mustered out with battery June 18, 1865.
Second-Lieutenant, Isaac B. Hall, rank from April 1, 1862; assigned to Battery A, December 24, 1862; promoted to First-Lieutenant, February 23, 1864; mustered out on expiration of term of service, October 31, 1864.
Second-Lieutenant, Edward H. Underhill, rank from January 4, 1862; assigned to Battery B, June 9, 1863; promoted to First-Lieutenant, August 26, 1863; assigned to Battery A, September 18, 1863; promoted to Captain, December 9, 1864; mustered out with Battery, June 23, 1865.
Second-Lieutenant, John Gibson, rank from October 14, 1863; assigned from Battery H, December 15, 1863; promoted to First-Lieutenant, September 27, 1864; mustered out on expiration of term of service, November 16, 1864.
First-Sergeant, Joseph B. Slauson, promoted to Second-Lieutenant, September 10, 1862; First-Lieutenant, April 29, 1863; wounded at Chancellorsville; mustered out on the expiration of term of service, September 27, 1864.
Quartermaster, Joel B. Frisbie, returned to ranks, December 3, 1861; discharged, August 12, 1862.
Sergeant, DeWitt M. Perine, promoted to Second-Lieutenant, October 20, 1864; First-Lieutenant, February 28, 1865; wounded at Gettysburg; mustered out with Battery, June 17, 1865.
SERGEANTS--John M. Stephens, died, date unknown; Harvey Cox, wounded at Chancellorsville, fate unknown; Rufus B. Freeman, died July 25, 1862; Guy W. Plumley, died march 2, 1862; Charles H. Gates, wounded at Chancellorsville, transferred to Invalid Corps; Thomas Coyne, wounded at Chancellorsville, taken prisoner and paroled; Robert Maitland, returned to ranks January 31, 1863.
CORPORALS-- James A. Skinner, promoted to Quartermaster-Sergeant April 26, 1862; declined commission as Second-Lieutenant August 12, 1864, with rank from May 1, 1864; discharged at the expiration of service.
Anthony Huyck, promoted to Sergeant, December 14, 1862; discharged at the expiration of service.
Abram S. Attix,* promoted to Sergeant, September 1, 1862.
Andrew J. Hooker, hurt by carriage at Gettysburg, returned to ranks November 1, 1863.
Edward P. Lockwood,* returned to ranks October 19, 1862.
Abiram W. Mathws, died at home.
Stephen Barber, died May 4, 1862.
George L. Elliot, returned to ranks May 1, 1862.
Robert R. Ramsey.*
James Galligher.
Michael Galligher,* returned to ranks.
John McSorley,* returned to ranks January 1, 1863.
Allen F. Mallory,* bugler, returned to ranks January 1, 1863; wounded at Gettysburg.
Thomas McLaughlin,* bugler.
Hendrick S. Wheeler,* artificer.
Alonzo C. Ketchum,* artificer, returned to ranks.
Sylvester P. Slade,* wagoner.

* Veterans retained in the service.

Enlisted Roster

George W. Abbott. Died in Hospital.
Jerome W. Averill. Died at Fort Monroe, Va., May 5, 1862.
William Acker.
John Archer.
Benjamin Ambrose.
John Barclay.
James H. Brown.
Ezra H. Brown. Discharged Jan 17, 1863.
John Brown.
George F. Barlow. Wounded at Savage Station, Va., and taken prisoner. Discharged Nov 30, 1862.
John Barry. Killed at Gettysburg.
Charles P. Borden. Wounded at Fair Oaks, Va.
Uria P. Blain. Transferred to Invalid Corps.
John Bailey. Discharged Dec 20, 1862.
Thomas Brosnan.
John Buckley. Wounded at Gettysburg.
Timothy Burns.
William Broderick.
Walter Bogan.
John J. Conover. Discharged Oct 27, 1862.
Lewis Clark. Died in Hospital.
Philander H. Calkins.
Chester Cooper.
Francis D. Chapman.
Charles W. Christian. Promoted Cpl. Mar 1, 1863. Wounded at Chancellorsville.
John Converse. Died at Washington, Oct 31, 1863.
Archibald Campbell. Wounded at Antietam and Gettysburg.
John Cowell. Deserted Sep 17, 1862.
Warren Cox. Died at Harper's Ferry, Va., Nov 17, 1862.
Elbert Corbin. Promoted Q. M. Sgt. Returned to ranks by request.
David Coey. Promoted 2nd Lieut., July 20, 1863. Discharged without mustering.
Morrill P. Childs. Promoted Cpl. May 19, 1862. Promoted Sgt. Dec 24, 1862. Wounded at Gettysburg.
Benjamin Clow. Discharged Jan 26, 1862.
Edward Dickey.
Robert G. Donahue. Wounded at Chancellorsville, reported drowned.
Peter Denoyer.
Theodore Denoyer. Wounded at Gettysburg.
Wallace R. Dunham.
Reuben H. Doxtator.
William H. Dykeman.
Thomas Donahue.
Patrick Davis. Promoted Cpl. July 23, 1863.
Thomas Dair.
Thomas Duggan.
John Donovan. Arm broken at Chancellorsville.
James E. Decker. Promoted Cpl. Dec 10, 1862. Promoted Sgt. Sep 1, 1863.
Lewis D. Darveau. Promoted Cpl. Dec 1861. Promoted Sgt. Mar 3, 1862. Killed at Gettysburg.
John E. Eggleston. Discharged Mar 4, 1862.
Joseph English.
William Fadling.
Joseph Finn. Prisoner at White Oak Swamp.
Patrick Flynn.
Peter Farrell. Wounded at Savage Station. Transferred to Invalid Corps.
Job G. Fuller. Discharged Jan 17, 1862.
Patrick Foy. Discharged Oct 25, 1862.
James Fitzpatrick. Promoted Bugler Dec 3, 1862.
Charles A. Gates. Wounded at Savage Station. Promoted Cpl. Jan 15, 1863.
Lewis H. Gifford.
William F. Gillon.
Orson H. Goodrich.
Hugh Gavin. Killed at Gettysburg.
Darius Hall.
Edwin C. House.
Nicholas House. Killed at Antietam.
William H. Howard. Discharged May 18, 1862.
Martin Henry.
Dennis Hess.
Michael Halloran. Killed at Gettysburg.
Arthur A. Hart. Discharged Jan 17, 1862.
Morgan Jones. Deserted Aug 26, 1862.
Eugnot Kensler.
Edward Kehoe. Reported deserted from Hospital.
Patrick Kelley. Killed at Gettysburg.
Henry King. Discharged Jan 26, 1863.
Elisha Lewis.
Henry Leatherman. Promoted Cpl. July 23, 1863. William Lickhart.
David W. Lindsay. Promoted Cpl. Sep 1, 1863.
Charles E. Minard. Clerk at 2d Corps Headquarters.
Albert Magee. Discharged Oct 22, 1862.
Stephen C. McCabe. Died in Hospital.
George M. Morehouse. Deserted June 29, 1863.
Joseph Marshall.
Amos F. Maynard. Killed at Gettysburg.
Isaac Mattison.
Lafayette Mead.
John McMahon. Deserted Sep 16, 1862.
Timothy McLaughlin. Taken prisoner at White Oak Swamp.
Patrick Malone. Transferred to Invalid Corps.
Joe Myers. Wounded at White Oak Swamp. Discharged May 21, 1862.
William McMahon.
John Murphy. Promoted Cpl. Nov 1, 1863.
Richard Murphy.
Thomas Mullin. Wounded at Chancellorsville. Transferred to Invalid Corps.
James Murray.
Michael McGriel.
Thomas McKenna.
Patrick McGowan. Wounded at Gettysburg. Transferred to Invalid Corps.
Bernard McBride. Wounded at Chancellorsville.
John McDonnell.
James McNally. Lost an arm at Chancellorsville.
John McNally. Discharged Jan 17, 1862.
George W. Morley. Discharged Mar 9, 1862.
Seth C. Newcomb.
James Noonan.
Peter Noonan. Deserted June 7, 1863.
James Ofield.
William Ofield.
Albert J. Osborne. Discharged July 8, 1862.
James O'Hara.
Bernard Oates.
Edwin S. Pierce. Discharged Dec 2, 1862.
Abel Palmer.
Ambrose J. Palmer. Discharged Jan 13, 1863.
Jesse Palmer. Discharged Nov 26, 1862.
John B. Palmer.
William Price.
Henry Redman.
Leslie P. Russell. Discharged Feb 16, 1863.
Augustus Rodgers. Lost a leg at Gettysburg.
Henry C. Rosegrant. Killed at Gettysburg.
Benjamin P. Rathbone.
John Raymond. Deserted from Hospital.
Harry J. Robinson.
Patrick Ragan. Deserted Feb 23, 1863.
Charles W. Radue. Killed at Gettysburg.
George A. Rabb. Wounded at Gettysburg.
John Ryan.
George M. Rogers. Promoted Cpl. Discharged Feb 2, 1863.
Daniel Rodgers. Promoted Cpl. Oct 19, 1862.
Charles H. Stuart.
John L. Sickels.
Francis D. Slauson. Died in Hospital Nov 10, 1862.
Oscar L. States. Wounded at Gettysburg.
John M. Scoville. Wounded at Gettysburg. Transferred to Invalid Corps.
Michael Shell. Discharged.
Stephen R. Sherman. Wounded at Gettysburg.
Julius H. Sidel.
Terrance Scanlan. Transferred to Invalid Corps.
Joseph A. Stansbury. Discharged Feb 16, 1863.
Theodore C. Taggart.
Robert F. Thorn. Promoted Cpl. may 28, 1862. Wounded at Gettysburg.
William H. Thorn.
Napoleon L. Twitchell. Wounded at Chancellorsville. Killed at Gettysburg.
Maurice Temple.
Frederick Thompson.
James Tearney.
J. A. Virginia. Wounded at Chancellorsville.
John Van Valkenburg.
William Van Valkenburg.
H. Wright. Killed at Gettysburg.
Henry Warner.
Sanford Weeks.
Jonathan S. Washburn. Discharged May 21, 1862.
C. Wallace. Wounded at Gettysburg.
Edward Wells.
James Wheeler.
S. Warren. Promoted Cpl. Nov 1, 1863.

Additions to the Enlisted Roster

Since posting this page I have been informed of the following omissions from the roster which I had copied from Clayton's The History of Onondaga County, New York:
Edward TRAPP.--Enlisted 02/06/1864 at Lysander, NY; mustered in 02/06/1864; mustered out 06/18/1865 at Elmira, NY.
Martin Van Buren TRAPP.--Enlisted 02/06/1864 at Lysander, NY; mustered in 02/09/1864; and mustered out 06/18/1865 at Elmira, NY.
Other additions are solicited.

On 17 June 2008, Joan Newcomb of Tampa, Florida, communicated:

I believe I have another name for you to add to the list of Battery B enlisted men:
George L. Robinson of Baldwinsville, NY
My family records indicate he enlisted on Dec. 22, 1863 and mustered out on June 18, 1865.
Records from the Civil War Soldiers & Sailors System Search indicate his rank was Pvt. [Film Number M551 roll 119]
I believe he lived on Oneida Street in Baldwinsville, NY, Town of Lysander, Onondaga Co.


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If you are doing research on Pettit's Battery, you may find it helpful to contact Stephen Dreher. He is from Baldwinsville and has been collecting whatever he can on the battery since 1964. He has quite a bit of interesting material, especially on individuals. Stephen says, "I am always on the lookout for more, and am willing to do local searching, exchange information, etc. I would be happy to field queries or whatever might come my way."

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