The Peck Family/Octagon Cemetery

The Peck Family Cemetery is located in the back yard of the former Octagon School House, which is now a private residence. The easily-recognized building is on the southwest corner of the intersection of NY Route 41A and Benson Road, a little less than 1.5 miles south of the Village of Skaneateles, New York. I have not visited the site since I was a teenager during the 1940's, but at least two stones are still visible from the road.

Beauchamp (Inscriptions from Cemeteries in Onondaga County, N.Y., William Martin Beauchamp) appears to consider the site as two separate cemeteries, one of which he says is the Peck Family Cemetery and the other of which he says is the Octagon School house [sic]. Wood (Onondaga County Cemetery Inscriptions, Clyde B. Wood, 1961) calls it the Peck Family Cemetery. He copied his data on 13 August, 1960.

My presentation of their material is as close as I can come to maintaining their original format. In each listing I have added a first column with numbers in order to make it easier for referencing.

Beauchamp material begins here.

Peck Family Cemetery, Octagon School House

01 Peck Oliver Peck, "Mass. Minute man of '76", died Oct 9, 1829 ae 70 y
02 Peck Susanna Peck, wife of Oliver Peck, died Sept. 29, 1854 in 80th y
03 Peck Liva Peck died Nov. 3, 1838 in 69th y

Octagon School house

01 Pomeroy Ebenezer Pomeroy, born Jan. 7, 1741, died Sept 7, 1826 in 86th yr (It is added that he was born in Southampton, Massachusetts and that the information came from N.E. Reg 57:272.)
02 Pomeroy Experience Clark Pomeroy, wife of Ebenezer Pomeroy, died March 5, 1834, ae 89
03 Pomeroy Ira Pomeroy died June 9, 1840, ae 81
04 Pomeroy Experience Pomeroy, wife of Ira Pomeroy died Sept. 30, 1849 ae 81
Beauchamp material ends and Wood material begins here.

Peck Family Cemetery

This plot is located about 3 miles south of the village of Skaneateles, at the intersection of Route 41-A and Benson Roads in the back yard of what was once the Octagon School house but now is used as a dwelling. The stones have been removed and are now being used as walks and yard decorations. Copied 13 Aug 1960 by Clyde B. Wood.

01 Peck Sarah Peck died 16 Feb. 1881 ae 28y., daughter of John & Cynthia
02 Peck Holcomb Peck died 27 July 1885 ae 89y.
03 Peck Oliver Peck died 9 Oct. 1829 ae 69y.
04 Peck Susanna Peck died 29 Sept. 1854 ae 82y., wife of Oliver
05 Peck Levi Peck died 3 Nov. 1838 ae 68y.
Wood material ends here.

The Lakeview Cemetery records show that six bodies were transferred from the Octagon Cemetery to Lakeview Cemetery (Section 5, Lot 83) on December 1, 1920.
They were:
FOOTE, Jay; died January 6, 1849; aged 4 years
FOOTE, Charles J.; died January 31, 1852; aged 1 year
FOOTE, Lydia Hollister; died December 1, 1852; aged 36years
FOOTE, Rhoda Rooks; died November 17, 1883; aged 64 years
FOOTE, Asa Childs; died May 16, 1864; aged 72 years
FOOTE, Addie May; died June 29, 1885; aged 19 years
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