The Old Tully Cemetery

This cemetery is on the west side of NY Rte 281 slightly more than 1.1 miles south of the intersection of NY Rte 281 with NY Rte 80. If one is approaching from the south it is approximately .3 miles north of the Cortland County line.

Various names have been applied to this cemetery. Beauchamp (Inscriptions from Cemeteries in Onondaga County, N.Y., William Martin Beauchamp) called it "Old Cemetery, south of Tully village." Ada W. Holstock in 1931 apparently copied Beauchamp's material into the DAR Cemetery Records Vol 27 page 67 under the same name. Wood (Onondaga County Cemetery Inscriptions, Clyde B. Wood, 1961) called it "Old Tully Cemetery." Others have referred to it as the Cummings, Egbertson or VanBergen Cemetery.

For the lack of a better name I am calling this cemetery the Old Tully Cemetery. This action is prompted mainly by Wood's appellation and by the bicentennial marker which is posted near the road. The metal sign bears the star which was a logo of the bicentennial and says, "Early 1800. TULLY'S FIRST BURIAL GROUND. Original property of Eli Farr. Two veterans of the American Revolution lie at rest here. Town of Tully Historical Dept."

I spent a very pleasant sunny, cool and windy Memorial Day afternoon there on 26 May 1997 transcribing the burials. With few exceptions, the data in the list which follows comes from my personal survey. When supplemental material has been obtained from Beauchamp or Wood, I have included a notation to that affect and have identified the source.

In the northeast corner of the cemetery there is a fenced-in enclosure approximately 25 feet wide and approximately 50 feet in depth. Inside are the VanBergen, McCarty and Dana Graves. One of the posts at the entrance bears the date 1908. All the stones, except one, inside the enclosure predate 1908. The one exception is an obelisk for the VanBergens and the McCartys. On its four sides it repeats the information found upon the older individual stones which surround it.

On Tuesday, December 26, 2000, I received an email from Erling Maine giving me additional information about the Old Tully Cemetery. The content of his message (slightly edited) is as follows:

Sir: I visited your site on USGenweb for this cemetery today. Phillip Cummings is one of the Revolutionary soldiers buried there. I would like to know who the other is. [The other is Joseph Goodell. Kenneth Wooster] Sally and Abigail are, I believe, wives of Edward, who is also buried there. [I do not think his stone is still there. Kenneth Wooster] Sally was a Farr. Have you seen the recording of this cemetery at the Suggett House in Cortland? [The Suggett House is the Cortland Historical Society, 25 Homer Avenue, Cortland, NY 13045. Kenneth Wooster] Erling Maine

01 Barrett Sarah Louisa, wife of L. F. Barrett, died July 26, 1849 aged 29 years & 19 ds (There seems to be an inconsistency between this data and that of the next two entries. I have no explanation.)
02 Barrett Milton, son of L. F. & Sarah Barrett, died July __, 1817 aged 1 yr 10 mo 27 ds
03 Barrett Flora, daughter of L. F. & Sarah Barrett, died July __, 1819(?) aged 3 yrs 5 ms 3(?) days
04 Barrett Wm. G. Barrett died Apr 14, 1884 aged 84 yrs 7 m's 11 d's (There is a large Barrett obelisk with Wm. G. On the east face, his wife on the south face and five children --Lanoro Ett, Martin, Nancy, Deforest and Amanthus on the north face.)
05 Barrett Eliza F., wife of Wm. G. Barrett
06 Barrett Lanora Ett, dau. of Wm. G & Eliza Barrett, who died Dec 13, 1834 ae 1 y. 5 m. 13 d. (Lanora Ett also has a very well preserved individual slate headstone. Wood read this name as "Lanoretta.")
07 Barrett Martin, son of Wm. G & Eliza Barrett, who died May 10, 1837 aged 10 yrs (In this vicinity there is a small stone with "M. B. 1837" scratched on it. I can only conjecture that the original stone delaminated, and someone scratched this information onto what remained of the stone. In the same vicinity is yet another stone with "M. Barrett May 1837" scratched on it.)
08 Barrett Nancy, daughter of Wm. G. & Eliza Barrett, who died Aug 29, 1841 aged 3 mos (Wood: 1847 aged 5 mos)
09 Barrett Deforest, son of Wm. G. & Eliza Barrett, who died July 29, 1848(?) (Wood: 1849 age 2y.)
10 Barrett Amanthus, child of Wm. G. & Eliza Barrett, who died Sept 9, 1867(?) aged 11 ys (Wood: Sept 19, 1863 age 14 y.)
11 Clark Lurinda, wife of Caleb W. Clark (This stone is broken and partially buried. More could be read if one were bold enough to pull the stone up from the ground.) (Wood: wife of Peter W. Clark, died 14 Feb 1845 age 21 y.)
12 Cummings In memory of Phillip Cummings, who died March 26, 1826 aged 80 years
13 Cummings In memory of Sally, dau(?) of Edward Cummings, who died Oct. 12 1826 aged 12 yrs (Wood has this entry, but he also has an entry for Polly, wife of Edward with the same death date and age 42 y. I believe his notes were confused.)
14 Cummings Abigail, wife of Edward Cummings, died July 15, 1840(?) (Stone is broken and the bottom portion is buried, but more could be read if the stone were lifted out of the ground.) (Wood: Died July 15, 1846 age 48 y 7 m)
15 Dana Henry A., son of H. T. & E. M. Dana, died Sept 29, 1865 ae 1 year 6 mos 8 days (This grave is inside the enclosure and has a footstone marked "H. A. D.")
16 E R. E.(?) (This seems to be a footstone. It is next in line to the north of Thankful Egbertson. Perhaps it is an Egberson stone.)
17 Egbertson Maria, wife of Richard Egbertson, died Nov 1852 aged 90 years
18 Egbertson Cornelius Egbertson died Sept 8, 1849(?) (Wood: died Sept 8, 1840 age 47 y)
19 Egbertson C. Egbertson (This is a small stone with nothing else on it. Perhaps it is the footstone for Cornelius.)
20 Egbertson In memory of B. Ibent(?) Egbertson, who died Aug 2, 1828 in the 34th year of his age (Wood: Barnet Egbertson)
21 Egbertson Thankful, wife of Edward(?) Egbertson, died Nov 20, 1850 ae 21 y'r 9m's 19ds (Wood: wife of Richard)
22 F A. B. F.(?) (This stone bears only initials. It seems too large to be a footstone. More likely it is a headstone.)
23 Farr Eli Farr died March 8, 1808 in his 10th year. (Wood: in his 40th year))
24 Goodell Joseph Goodell died August 21, 1828 in the 71st year of his age (Joseph Goodell was a Revolutionary War Veteran.)
25 Goodell In memory of Sarah E., daughter of Aaron & Elenor Ann Goodell, died Nov 1, 1840 ae 10 mo & 18 d
"Sleep on sweet babe
And take thy rest
God called the[sic] home
When he thought best."
(This is a very clear slate stone, with a nice design on the top.)
26 Goodell Elizabeth Goodell died May 22, 1856 in the 85th year of her age (Wood: age 81 y.)
27 H D. H. (This is a footstone.)
28 Hamm Julia Ann died Sept 11, 1834 age 22y. (This entry is from Wood. Most likely it is the stone from which all I could decipher was "Julia Ann, wife of ...")
29 Haynes Mother, Mary F., wife of John S. Haynes, died Nov 23, 1877(?) aged 68 yrs
30 Hobart Helen S., daughter of N. & Mary Ann Hobart, died Feb 13, 1841 aged 11 mos. (This entry is from Wood.)
31 McCarty Abram F. McCarty, born in Green Co. N.Y. Jan. 28, 1802, died at Tully Aug 10, 1860 aged 58 years 6 mo's & 12 days
"Trust in Christ..." (Stone had been broken at this place, but it is now mended, rendering the rest of the quotation unreadable. This grave is inside enclosure. Grave has a footstone inscribed "A. F. M." Wood mistakenly transcribed middle initial as "T.")
32 S O. S. (This is a footstone. It seemed to be at the foot of the grave of Cornelius Egbertson. I suspect it belongs to Orange Smith. Their graves are not far apart.)
33 Smith Orange Smith died March 27, 1843 aged 41 years
34 Smith Orange Smith, son of Orange & Catherine Ann Smith, died July 8, 1839, aged 8 years (This is from Wood.)
35 Taggart Mary W. Taggart died July 1, 1811 aged 2 years 3 months (This data comes from Beauchamp. Next to the stone for George Duncan Taggart I was able to find a slate stone that was delaminated and had lost all its information. At the foot of that grave was a footstone inscribed "M. W. T.")
36 Taggart In memory of George Duncan, son of Dr. Robert D. and Hannah Taggart, who died Dec 1, 1812 aged 1 year & 3 months and 21 days (Wood recorded the Taggart infants under the fanily name "Wallace." There is nothing on the George Duncan Taggart stone that would support this, and the footstone on the Mary W. Taggart grave contradicts it.)
37 VanBergen Henry VanBergen, born in Green Co., N.Y. June 13, 1799, died in Tully Oct 20 1855 (This grave is inside the enclosure and has a footstone inscribed "H. V." An inscription is also on the obelisk.)
38 VanBergen Charlotte Amelia, wife of Henry VanBergen, born in Green Co., N.Y. Jan 26, 1800, died April 20, 1883 (This grave is also inside enclosure, with a footstone "C. A. V." and on the obelisk as well as on an individual stone.)
39 VanBergen In memory of Anna Maria, daughter of Henry and Charlotte L.(?) VanBergen, who died July 25, 1828 aged 2 years 5 months & 26 days (Inside enclosure, recorded also on obelisk and with footstone "A. M. V.")
40 VanBergen In memory of Peter, son of Henry & Charlotte L. VanBergen, who died July 17, 1828 aged 4 years 9 months & 12 days (Inside enclosure, recorded also on obelisk and with footstone "P. V.")
41 ____ May 8, 18__ aged 71 years 10 ms & 18 d's (This is a headstone. The top part is broken off and missing.)
42 ____ Julia Ann, wife of _______ (Nothing else can be read.)
43 ____ _________12th ae 15 mos (This was a slate headstone. Most of it has delaminated, and I have recorded all that I could decipher.)

In addition to the stones/inscriptions listed above there were eight other crude stones which had nothing I could decipher. Also along the back row are two large marble stones, each broken into three pieces and covered with a bramble. I could not find anything legible on them.
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