Classifier Quiz

Directions:  Write the correct classifier handshape that would match the noun.

1.  A piece of paper:    
6.  A table:                                                                                                          
2.  A soda can:          7.  A person standing:
3.  A door:                8.  A boat:                 
4.  A television:         9:  An airplane:            
5.  A computer:         10:  A pencil:                

ASL Literature is neither spoken nor written, but signed.  This type of literature is called oral literature, meaning stories are preserved and passed down by the act of storytelling.  You learned that ASL literture is currently preserved by video recordings and shows the creativity and beauty of the language.  You have learned that classifiers are an important part of ASL and there are classifier stories that are a rich part of the Deaf Culture. 

View the ASL Classifier Story below from YouTube titled, "The Ball." This is a story about a scientist who creates a ball that has its own personality.  The ball takes off bouncing down the street.  Watch the story and see what classifiers you can identify.  Please write down five nouns and the handshape of the corresponding classifer.  Print out this page for the next class meeting.

The Ball:

Decide how you would express the picture below using ASL Locative Classifiers.  Be prepared to demonstrate your skill during the next class session.

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