What Did You Observe About

Deaf Culture?

What did you observe about where Patrick Graybill stood for his speech as opposed to the hearing speaker?
Answer: Patrick Graybill did not stand behind the podium but instead he walked forward on the stage.  He was closer to his audience.  He wanted to have a conversation with his audience and not just give a one sided speech.
Steve Jobs stood behind the podium throughout his speech and did not engage his audience in conversation.

What attention getting strategy did you observe?
Answer: He waves his hand slightly to gain attention. He also uses eye contact to watch his audience to see if anyone is not following along.

Deaf culture is collective.  What did you observe that emphasizes a collective culture?
Answer: Collectivists care about the group and support each other instead of thinking on their own individual needs. Patrick Graybill is being supportive and encouraging to this group of deaf students. He cares about making a connection with them by standing closer and engaging them during his presentation.

Clear communication is a priority for Deaf people.  What did Patrick Graybill do to ensure clear communication?
Answer: He is talking to them about visiting Korea and he pauses to see if they understand where the country is located. When they don't comprehend, he expands upon it by spelling the name K-O-R-E-A, showing them the sign, and then deccribing flying over there. He aks if they know where Japan is and then shows where Korea is in relation to Japan.

Take about 15-20 minutes to compare and contrast your own culture with a classmate. 
How do they compare to what you have observed and read about Deaf culture?
Be ready to share your findings with the class.




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