Coordinating Conjunctions - Review

Look at the Thanksgiving paragraph again and click on the links for more detail concerning the coordinating conjunctions.

Wendy enjoys Thanksgiving.  It is celebrated in November.  Her family gets together, so she sees many relatives.  They watch the parade on TV and eat a big dinner.  They eat turkey and pies, but Wendy does not like pumpkin pie.  They take a long walk after eating, and it can be cold on the walk.

Below are some sentences with conjunctions. Review them and see if you can choose the correct answer on the first try.

Holidays are celebrated around the world for many different reasons.

I enjoy going home for the Christmas Holiday it is a long drive to my family home.

We have plenty of food when we gather often eat too much.

We sometimes have to choose between visiting my parents my girlfriend’s parents during a holiday.

I like to see how others celebrate their holidays I ask people questions to discover the differences between our holidays.

Neither my parents my girlfriend enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday.

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