Writing with Variety

You have now learned about Independence Day in the USA and some of the vocabulary associated with the holiday.  You have also been introduced to coordinating conjunctions and how they can add variety to your writing.
For this assignment, you will use the sheet you printed out concerning your holiday memories.  I want you to write me a paragraph and introduce me to your holiday memory.  You should look through the answers you provided and use them as a base for your writing.  However, I want you to have variety in your paragraph.  The sentences you use should include at least six different ways of using coordinating conjunctions to add variety.  In addition, you should introduce me to some of the vocabulary associated with your holiday.
You can either type or copy and paste your final paragraph into the space below.  Once you have done that, you should hit the submit button.

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When done, you should submit your paragraph by pressing this button:  

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