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In Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse, purple and plastic are describing words. Therefore, they are the adjectives. Notice there was more one than one adjective? That's ok. When there are more than one adjective, the adjectives are usually seperated by a comma. Now, lets figure out what noun the adjectives are describing. Are they describing Lilly? Ask yourself: Is Lilly purple and plastic? No, Lilly is just a mouse. Is Lilly's purse purple and plastic? Yes, it sure is. Remember to always look for pictures to help you.

While I read the story, highlight any word that you think is an adjective. Click on the sentences to see if you've chosen the correct word. Click the video below if you are practicing at home.

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She loved the pointy pencils.

She loved the squeaky chalk.

He always provided the most tasty snacks.

"I am the teacher," she told her baby brother, Julius.

One Monday morning Lilly came to school especially happy.

She had three shiny quarters.

And, best of all, she had a brand new purple plastic purse!

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