Do you know why?

It is important to know why the word we chose is the adjective. Let's review the first few together. Then, it'll be your turn!

1. She loved the pointy pencils.
The adjective is pointy. It is letting the reader know how the pencil looks or feels. Therefore, it is describing the pencils.

2. She loved the squeaky chalk.
The adjective is squeaky. It is letting the reader know how the chalk sounded. Therefore, it is describing the chalk.

Now it's your turn to explain why the bold, italic word(s) you chose was the adjective in the sentence.

3. He always provided the most tasty snacks.

4. "I am the teacher," she told her baby brother, Julius.

5. One Monday morning Lilly came to school especially happy.

6. She had three shiny quarters.

7. And, best of all, she had a brand new purple plastic purse!

*Did you notice...there were some adjectives in the second set of directions. The words bold and italic are adjectives that describe "word." Pretty neat! Adjectives are everywhere!

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