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Resources for LEP Students and Content-based Instruction

Below are many links to on-line resources that will help you immensely as you prepare to teach ESL/LEP students effectively in your content area classroom.  Some of the sections offer information on general strategies for all subject areas.  Others provide readings that are content-specific.  Still others are overarching sites that are clearinghouses for information, resources, and materials that will be of great use to the classroom teacher who has ESL/LEP students in class.  Your professor will make appropriate and specific assignments regarding these readings.  Here is a suggested plan of action:

Your professor may also have readings on reserve at the Memorial Library that pertain to ESL/LEP students and your particular discipline.  If directed to, select one or more of these readings and prepare to present it to your class.

Clearinghouses and General Readings on LEP Students

National Clearinghouse for ESL Literacy Education

ERIC Digests

Frequently asked questions in ESL Literacy

National Clearinghouse for Bilingual Education

General Strategies

Classroom Strategies For Encouraging Collaborative Discussion
Carmen Simich-Dudgeon

Active Learning And The Limited English Proficient Student
Veronica Fern, Kris Anstrom, and Barbara Silcox

Defining The Limited-English Proficient Student Population
Kris Anstrom

Linguistic Diversity And Reform: Can Practices Be Identified?
Adel Nadeau

Bridges Between Home And School: Literacy Building Activities For Non Native English Speaking Homes
Sally Nathenson-Mejia

English Immigrant Language Learners: Cultural Accommodation and Family Literacy
Richard Durán

Fostering Home-School Cooperation: Involving Language Minority Families As Partners In Education
Emma Violand-Sanchez; Christine P. Sutton; Herbert W. Ware

What Educators—Especially Teachers— Need to Know About Language: The Bare Minimum
Lily Wong Fillmore & Catherine E. Snow

Promoting Language Proficiency and Academic Achievement Through Cooperation
Margarita Espino Calderón

How Long Does It Take English Learners to Attain Proficiency?
Kenji Hakuta

Reducing Failure of LEP Students in the Mainstream Classroom and Why it is Important
Charles Cornell

Myths And Misconceptions About Second Language Learning: What Every Teacher Needs To Unlearn
Barry Mclaughlin

Teaching Language Minority Students in Elementary School
J. Echevarria

Teaching Secondary Language Minority Students
J. Echevarria and Claude Goldenberg

Assessment of ESL/LEP Students

Language Testing Research: Lessons Applied to LEP Students and Programs
John W. Oller, Jr.

Performance Assessment of Language Minority Students
Jack S. Damico

Portfolio Assessment and LEP Students
Russell L. French

Assessing Appropriate and Inappropriate Referral Systems for LEP Special Education Students
Alba A. Ortiz

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