LAC at SUNY Cortland: (Director: Prof. R. Ponterio)
French Civilization

Foreign Language Methods Course - Technology Module

Multimedia Materials Development Course

Statistics Module (Spanish)

Mi álbum hispanoamericano

These materials are part of a joint SUNY Oswego / SUNY Cortland project supported by a SUNY ALIS (Advanced Learning and Information Services) grant and in part by a grant from FIPSE: LxC Select (for Statitstics).  LAC project directors are Virginia Fichera (Oswego) and Robert Ponterio (Cortland).  A number of language realated WWW projects were supported at each campus. The grant provided faculty and student training as well as computer-related infrastructure improvements needed to allow work with digital media. Faculty project participants in the International Communications and Culture department at Cortland are  Norma Helsper, Jean LeLoup, and Marie Ponterio.