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What might you say to a dentist when your appointment (rendez-vous) begins?

What might the dentist say to you?

- J'ai mal à cette molaire. 

- Bon, ouvrez la bouche, s'il vous plaît madame. Un peu plus grand. 

- Est-ce que ça va faire mal? 

- Mais non, on va vous faire une petite piqûre. 

What might you say at the end of the "rendez-vous"?

Who pays for your dental care?

- Merci monsieur, ça va beaucoup mieux.  Ça fait combien? 

- Bon, alors on va calculer le prix des soins. Ça fait 350 francs, s'il vous plaît. 

- Heureusement que je serai remboursée par la sécu! 

Is it going to hurt? Explain.
Who is paying for the dental care?

In the two photographs, identify a product or practice that is different from what you would expect in your culture.  Report to the class to discover whether students noticed the same ones.

Conseils pour les enfants
  [local copy]
Who is the intended audience for this site?
When should children begin going to the dentist's office?


Questionnaire de Santé
 - d'une compagnie d'assurances 
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A.  Fill in the insurance information sheet (Questionnaire de santé) w/o using a dictionary.  Complete as many answers as possible.  Poll students for the # of answers completed. 

B. Select 5 words that you do not know but that you think will help you answer some of the remaining questions.  Make a composite list on the board.  After students find and share the meanings of these words, they try to answer the remaining questions.  How many more questions can they answer now?


Une visite chez le dentiste... 
[photomontages / Hippopotame]
   [local copy]

   This image is used with the permission of the artist, Annie Béland.

Visite chez le dentiste composite photograph
Pick out the elements in the composite photograph that communicate the idea of going to the dentist.  Identify the elements that give the photo a surreal or unsettling quality (insolite).

Activities based on Shrum & Glisan  Interactive Model from Teacher's Handbook (1999, p.162)

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