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FRE 102

Bob Ponterio
SUNY Cortland
Syllabus Fall 2003

Chapt 10 - les Routes
a. What are the rules of the road in France ? : Do you have to wear a seat belt? (Est-ce qu'il faut porter une ceinture de sécurité?)  Do you drive on the right or on the left?  (Est-ce qu'on conduit à droite ou à gauche?)   What is the speed limit in town, on the highway? (Quelle est la limite de vitesse en ville, sur l'autoroute?)

- Guide pratique des transports en France

Chapt 11 - le Mariage
a. Find the wedding dinner menu in the following page. Note how many dishes were served and list 5.

- la vie familiale de la civilisation française

b. In France, what is the average age for the first wedding of women, of men? (l'âge moyen du premier mariage?)  How many children live in single parent families or with a parent and step-parent? (Combien d'enfants vivent dans une famille monoparentale ou recomposée?) What is the average age when children leave their family?  (Quel est l âge moyen où les enfants quittent leur famille?)

- la société française: les modes de vie - famille

c. What is the traditional present for the 40th wedding anniversary? (Quel est le cadeau du 40ième anniversaire de mariage?)

- Cadeaux d'Anniversaires de mariage  or  Anniversaire de mariage

[OPTIONAL: Etudiez la chanson de Patricia Kaas]

Chapt 12

- les Réservations SNCF

You are preparing a weekend train trip from La Rochelle to Paris next month.  You want to leave Friday afternoon and return Monday morning.  Use the SNCF site to prepare your round trip ticket.  Search for the schedule (les horaires); specify the departure and arrival cities; select the date and time (Friday afternoon or Saturday morning); then validate your choices and select the train you will take. Print out the page with the finished ticket and times. How long will the trip take? Don't actually buy the ticket!

- la SNCF - site officiel


- la Météo

You are thinking of making a trip to either Strasbourg or to Bordeaux tomorrow.  Look at the weather forecasts from at least one of the sources below (you'll have to do a little searching).  Say what will the weather be like in the two towns.  Based on this information, where would you prefer to go?

- Météo France
- FR3 - la Météo
- La chaîne météo

Chapt 13 - la Cuisine
a. Find two recipes, one in each of two different categories: poissons, légumes, desserts, etc.  Give the name of the recipe and list the ingredients.

- Recettes de cuisine
- Recettes de cuisine
- Les recettes de cuisine de Sylvie

b. Select a region in France and list a dish, a wine and a cheese that comes from that region.

- les Fromages de France
- Quai °1, menus région par région

also useful:
- French Civilization Cuisine page - Ponterio
- Voyage virtuel page , interactive map - Ponterio

Chapt 14

- la Télévision

For one evening this week, list the shows that are in the evening program for two of France's TV stations.  What sorts of shows are they?

- TF 1
- France 2
- France 3
- Canal +
- M6

- Médecins sans frontières

a. Look up the address and the telephone number of Médecins sans frontières in Paris in the white pages of the telephone directory. If there is more than one telephone number, what is the difference between them? Check the map (le plan) to see which boulevard is located near their address.

 b. Then, check the WWW page of the Médecins sans frontières foundation to see if they list the same address. Now find the office of Médecins sans frontières that would be closest to you if you were living in Carcassonne. If you were calling from the USA to find out if they had doctors in a particular trouble spot, what number would you dial?

- Pages Jaunes - annuaire téléphonique
- Fondation MSF

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