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Erik Erikson's 
8 Stages of

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Erik Erikson's psychosocial theory on social development is an approach to the personality that extends Freudian psychosexual theory. Erikson's theory is unique in that it encompasses the entire life cycle and recognizes the impact of society, history, and culture on personality. Erikson is best known for his concept of the identity crisis. This idea may have stemmed from a personal identity crisis he experienced at a young age. He once wrote, "No doubt my best friends will insist that I needed to name this crisis and to see it in everybody else in order to really come to terms with it myself" (Erikson, 1975).

Summary Chart -- Key facts about Erikson's 8 stages on a single page!
Introduction to Erikson's 8 Stages -- Your pathway to detailed pages on each of the stages.
Biography -- Read about Erikson's own identity crisis.
Critiques & Controversies -- Not everyone agrees with Erikson's theory.
References & Other Links -- More information on the father of psychosocial development.


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