This web site was created for use by students in PSY 501.  The material on these pages is not intended for use by individuals not enrolled in that course.



Learning Styles Tutorial


Table of Contents



Introduction – What are Learning Styles?


Classification of Learning Styles


  1. Cognitive


         Multiple Intelligence (MI) – Howard Gardner

         Mental Self Government – Robert Sternberg


         Concrete/Abstract – Anthony Gregorc


  1. Personality


         Student Learning Styles Scales – Grasha-Reichmann

         Myers Briggs type Inventory (MBTI)


  1. Experiential


         Concrete/Reflective/Abstract/Active – David Kolb

         Phenomenonography – Entwistle

         Student Approaches to Learning & Studying – Biggs

         Conversation Theory – Pask



 This tutorial was developed by Cheryl Loechelt for PSY 501 in December 2002.