Integrating Technology in the Second Language Classroom

Jean LeLoup & Bob Ponterio 
SUNY Cortland 
© 2017
Assignment 2

 Before your next class :

1. Online discussion

Log onto your Blackboard / eLearning space for ICC 523.

Look under the DISCUSSIONS tab in the left hand column, and follow instructions to contribute to the Literacy: Reading on the net threaded discussion.

Please create threads for your own original comments/contributions that you should have written for assignment 1. You should also add your own comments as responses to at least two other students' threads (IOW you are commenting on the same aspect of the article as the other student). Read what others have written and return to the discussion several times to read what has been added and contribute more to the discussion.

We will be using several different discussion formats this semester.


2. Begin planning project

3. email - Character sets & zip files

A tutorial on character code issues.
Dan's Mail Format Site: Body: Character Sets.
8-bit vs. 7-bit (ASCII character set, ASCII FAQ).
Unicode - The Unicode home page. Be sure to look at code charts with sample glyphs.

- Send an email message to yourself with a copy to using at least one word that requires accented letters (évidemment).  Check the email headers if you can to see what character set and encoding you are using. If you can't find the email headers (after a reasonable search and a visit to "help", that's ok.

4. Fair Use Guidelines for Educational Multimedia

Examine the Fair Use Guidelines for Educational Multimedia listed in the syllabus. Does your school have a clear policy? Be prepared to discuss this next week.


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