Integrating Technology in the Second Language Classroom

Jean LeLoup & Bob Ponterio 
SUNY Cortland 
© 2011, 17

Assignment 3

1. Continue working through the HTML introduction and play around with the practice the steps in the tutorial. Play around with web page creation and format, especially tables. Improve your table of contents page.

Work on Project 1

3. Online discussion


Log onto your Blackboard / eLearning space for ICC 523. Look under the DISCUSSIONS tab in the left hand column, and follow instructions to contribute to the FLTEACH: On-line professional development discussion (You can open the article in PDF format using Adobe Acrobat Reader or you can right-click on the link and save a copy). Note that this assignment includes your answers to 5 questions and at least 2 comments on the responses of others; follow directions.

You can access eLearning through myRedDragon.


3. Google Voice

Why would you want students to be able to respond orally to questions outside of the classroom? Think about that for a minute. Then leave your answer on Google Voice.

A. Call this Google Voice number: (607) 301-0834. Leave your message (your audio homework) answering the question.

Begin your answer with: "Bonjour monsieur. Je m'appelle Snow White." (If you prefer, you can use Spanish or English. Also, if your name is not Snow White, please use your real name. smile)

When you are done with your message, just hang up.

B. If you can, use your phone to record a short message and share (email to it to my email address.

4. Lingt

This site lets you create your own online activities where text, audio & video cues can be used to get oral or written responses from students. You can have 6 assignments for free. Go here to answer two questions about what you want for breakfast in your best French.

Listen to the question. Click once on the ANSWER button to speak, then click a second time when you are done speaking. Don't forget to hit the SUBMIT button to submit your answer.

Or if you don't speak French, use English....

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