ESL/LEP Module
SUNY Cortland

This module has been designed as a drop-in component for all teacher education programs at the State University of NewYork Cortland. Completion of this module constitutes partial fulfillment of Section 52.21 (b)(2)ii.C.1.iv of the New York State Department of Education Commissionerís regulations for the Registration of Programs Leading to Classroom Teaching Certificates.
Construction of this module was partially supported by a Faculty Multimedia Development Grant from the Office of the Provost, SUNY Cortland. Please mail any comments to Jean W. LeLoup.

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Goals and Objectives

Activities and assignments


Welcome to the ESL/LEP module for Teacher Education students at SUNY Cortland.  The purpose of this module is to give you some background and information on ESL/LEP students, who will most likely be in your classroom.  You will be working through this module under the direction of your instructor.  There are several different activities to complete in the module.  Some are contained in these web pages, some will take you to other sites on the web,  and others will necessitate the use of the campus Memorial Library.


Technical note

Audio & video in this module use mp3 & mp4 formats. They are designed to work on a wide variety of platforms.

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