LAC at SUNY Cortland: (Director: Prof. R. Ponterio)
French Civilization [Marie Ponterio]

Foreign Language Methods Course - Technology Module [Jean W. LeLoup]

Multimedia Materials Development Course [Bob Ponterio & Jean LeLoup]

Statistics Module (Spanish) [Fernando Valdes & Bob Ponterio]

Mi álbum hispanoamericano [Norma Helsper]

These materials are part of a joint SUNY Oswego / SUNY Cortland project supported by a SUNY ALIS (Advanced Learning and Information Services) grant and in part by a grant from FIPSE: LxC Select (for Statitstics).  LAC project directors are Virginia Fichera (Oswego) and Robert Ponterio (Cortland).  A number of language realated WWW projects were supported at each campus. The grant provided faculty and student training as well as computer-related infrastructure improvements needed to allow work with digital media. Faculty project participants in the International Communications and Culture (Modern Languages) department at Cortland are  Norma Helsper, Jean LeLoup, and Marie Ponterio.