Wooster Baptisms by the Reverend Gideon Bostwick of St. James Church, Great Barrington, Massachusetts

The four baptisms listed here are from the records of the Reverend Gideon Bostwick, who was minister at the St. James Episcopal Church of Great Barrington, Massachusetts from sometime in 1770 until his death on June 13, 1793. He served in a missionary role, traveling and preaching in a wide area. The four baptisms in this list were performed in New York. In Edward Wooster of Derby Connecticut, and Some of His Descendants, Donald Lines Jacobus does not clarify this, thereby giving the impression that the family of Moses Wooster, for example, at one time resided in Massachusetts.

The entry in the last column refers to the individual as identified in the genealogy by Jacobus.

Date Child Parents Place
1 Jul 1770 Mindwell Moses Woster
New Concord 15, v, 4
12 Jan 1772 Charity Moses Woster
New Concord 15, v, 5
21 Nov 1773 Levi* Moses Woster
New Concord
9 Nov 1785 Lydia Lemuel Woster
New Concord child of 15, v, 1
*Levi was overlooked by Jacobus.

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