Genealogy of the Woosters and Jennings

There is little here at the moment except for my Ahnentafel (pedigree chart)and a list of burials in the Old Presbyterian Cemetery in Lysander, NY. My great-great-grandmother Jerusha is buried there. I suspect that my great-great-grandfather Leverett Lyman is also.

Actually, I have added several items to this page since writing the above paragraph, but I am not in the mood to re-write it today.

There will be even more later. Come back!

My Ahnentafel
Old Presbyterian Cemetery in Lysander, NY
Wooster Entries from Barbour Record of Vital Statistics, CT
Wooster Baptisms at St. James Church, Derby, CT
Wooster Baptisms at St. James Church, Great Barrington, MA
A Chronology for Moses Wooster, great-grandson of Edward Wooster
A Chronology for Ebenezer Wooster, great-great-grandson of Edward Wooster
Summary of the Life of General David Wooster
An early biography (1835) of General David Wooster (with an engraving)
Another brief biography of General David Wooster
Who in Heck is David Wooster? by Paul Locher of The Wooster Daily Record
The Hon. Henry C. Deming's Oration at the dedication of the Wooster Monument
The Public Letters (1775 to 1777) of General David Wooster
A poem written at General Wooster's death by Phillis Wheatley
Rumor or Fact? Was a son of Gen. Wooster slain at Ridgefield?
The Nehemiah Dibble House, site of the General's death
The Wooster Monument as depicted on the seal of the City of Danbury
A Commemorative Spoon bearing the image of Gen. David Wooster
A Commemorative Medal issued to commemorate Tryon's Raid
A Commemorative Medal in honor of Mary Clap Wooster
Woosters who served in NY Regiments during the Civil War
Archdeacon John Richard Wolfe of Foochow 1833 - December 2, 1915 (Temporarily unavailable)
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