Ebenezer Wooster Chronology

(This is the man whom I believe to be my great-great-great-grandfather. The connection has not been documented.)

Before September 29, 1765Born to Moses Wooster and Mindwell Chatfield (almost certainly in Derby, Connecticut).
September 29, 1765Baptized at St. James Church, Derby.
Before 1769Taken by his father, with the family, to New Concord, Columbia County, New York.
Summer of 1777His father was imprisoned for being a Tory.
October 4, 1777His father capitulated and was freed.
March 1, 1778It appears that the family returned, at least briefly, to Derby, Connecticut. A daughter, the second Charity, was baptized there.
December of 1779His father was listed on the tax roll in King's District, Columbia County, New York. It is unclear as to whether this indicates his father's (or his) actual presence in New York.
About 1785Ebenezer married (probably in Derby) Sarah Munson, who had been born about 1767 (in Connecticut).
(Added September 12, 2006) I have never found any record of this marriage, but I am intrigued by a marriage in Stratfoed Congregational Church in Stratford, Connecticut, that is listed in volume 5 of Early Connecticut Marriages as Found on Ancient Church Records Prior to 1800, 1902, by Rev. Frederick W. Bailey (reissued by Genealogical Publishing Company, of Baltimore in 1982).
The entry reads:
"[not given] [not given] & [not given] Munson m. Mar 1786; Notes: A stranger & ------ Munson"
The first name given is that of the groom. The second is that of the bride. The time is right, the location of Stratford is not inappropriate, and it seems to fit with Ebenezer's possible location at the time. Was this a "shotgun" marriage that somehow didn't merit a full entry? Although there were other historical influences at the time, this may provide an explanation for the shift from the Anglicanism of Ebenezer's father Moses to the Congregationalism of Ebenezer's son Leverett Lyman and the next three generations through Barclay, Verner Robert, and Marion James.
Online listing at http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~jdevlin/ct/stratford_bride.htm.
About 1786Birth of son #1, who was probably Leverett Lyman.
1787-1790Births of son #2, daughter #1, and daughter #2. The names of none of these is known to me. My knowledge of their existence comes from the 1790 census. From the 1800 census I infer that son # 2 and one of these daughters died (or was otherwise removed from the household) between 1790 and 1800.
1790For the census he was counted in Derby Town, New Haven County, Connecticut. The household included:
1 male 16 and over (Ebenezer)
2 males under 16 (Leverett Lyman and son #2)
3 females (Sarah, daughter #1, and daughter #2)
Between 1790 and 1793Ebenezer moved his family to Canaan, Columbia County, New York, apparently following his father and brothers.
1793Birth of Moses E. (son #3), in Canaan, Columbia County, New York.
Between 1793 and 1799Births of Orrin (son #4 and born about 1795), son #5, son #6, and daughter #3. Again, when one looks at the next census in 1810, one may infer that sons #5 and #6 did not survive until 1810.
June 3, 1800Birth of Sarah Lucretia (daughter #4) at Canaan, Columbia County, New York.
June of 1800For the census he was counted in Columbia County, New York. The household included:
4 males under 10 (Moses E. at 7, Orrin at 5, son #5, son #6)
1 male 10 but under 16 (Leverett Lyman at 14)
1 male 26 but under 45 (Ebenezer himself at 35)
2 females under 10 (daughter #3 and Sarah Lucretia at a few weeks of age)
1 female 10 but under 16 (the surviving daughter #1 or daughter #2)
1 female 26 but under 45 (Sarah Munson at 33).
After 1801His father died.
About 1804Birth of William (son #7).
Between 1804 and 1810Births of daughter #5, daughter #6, and daughter #7.
June of 1810For the census he was counted at Columbia County, New York. The household included:
1 male under 10 (William at 6)
1 male 10 but under 16 (Orrin at 15)
1 male 16 but under 26 (Moses E. at 17)
1 male 45 and over (Ebenezer himself at 45)
3 females under 10 (daughter #5, daughter #6, and daughter #7)
2 females 10 but under 16 (daughter #3 and Sarah Lucretia at 10)
1 female 45 and over (Sarah Munson at 43).
NOTE: By this time Leverett Lyman appears to have left the household. He would be 24.
1812Ebenezer's son, Moses E., migrated to Chenango County. I have stated this on the authority of Moses E.'s data at the back of the Chenango County History. I wonder if he went there alone at 19 years of age.
1818 or beforeLeverett Lyman, who was probably Ebenezer's oldest son, married Jerusha_____, probably in Columbia County, New York, or perhaps in Connecticut.
June of 1820For the census of 1820 he was counted at Austerlitz, Columbia County, New York. The household included:
1 male 10 but under 16 (William at 16?)
2 males 16 but under 26 (Orrin at 25 and a MYSTERY MAN--perhaps hired help)
1 male 45 and over (Ebenezer himself at 55)
2 females 10 but under 16 (two of daughter #5, daughter #6, and daughter #7)
1 female 16 but under 26 (Sarah Lucretia at 20)
1 female 45 and over (Sarah Munson at 53)
NOTE: In the ten years since the preceding census, Moses E. at 27 and daughter #3, who would be between 20 and 26, have left. It also appears as if one of the three youngest daughters may have died.
Between 1820 and 1825Ebenezer, apparently following his son, Moses E., migrated to Chenango County, New York. I think it quite possible that his brother Lemuel had also preceded him there.
February 16, 1825Ebenezer's daughter, Sarah Lucretia, was married by Elder Aaron Baxter at Smithville Flats, Chenango County, New York, to Bushrod French, who had been born November 27, 1801, in Alford, Berkshire County, Massachusetts.
1830 or beforeEbenezer's son Moses E. married Esther Ainsworth, who had been born about 1796 in Rhode Island.
June of 1830For the census of 1830 he was counted in Chenango County, New York. The household included:
1 male 20 but under 30 (William at 26)
1 male 30 but under 40 (Orrin at 35)
1 male 40 but under 50 (MYSTERY MAN)
1 male 60 but under 70 (Ebenezer at 65)
1 female 20 but under 30 (one of daughter #5, daughter #6, and daughter #7)
1 female 60 but under 70 (Sarah Munson at 63).
About 1836Ebenezer's son William married Ann/Lavina Ann Stanley, who was born March 4, 1815, in Dublin, New Hampshire..
July 4, 1836In Liber 63, page 29, it says that Ebenezer purchased 25 acres in Academy Tract T-9, 3 Range, NE part of lot 20 for $350 in Ontario County, New York, from his son-in-law, Bushrod French.
June of 1840He was counted in the census at McDonough, Chenango County, New York. I do not have available the household data.
March of 1850Ebenezer's wife, Sarah Munson, died, at age 83, in Guilford, Chenango County, New York.
June of 1850Ebenezer was counted at McDonough. In the same household was his son Orrin at 55 years of age. The numbering of the residence made it appear as if it were in the same building as that in which Ebenezer's son, Moses E., resided.
After June of 1850Ebenezer died at age 85+. I do not know where he and his wife were buried, but I suspect that it may have been in the McDonough Union Cemetery, McDonough, Chenango County, New York.


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