The Nehemiah Dibble House
in Danbury, Connecticut

I believe that I downloaded the image on this page from the web site of the Danbury Historical Society,, sometime during 2001 or 2002. I have since searched the site and can no longer find it there.

Apparently Nehemiah Dibble was a Tory, and so Tryon spared his house and used it as his headquarters during his occupation of Danbury during his raid in April 1977. After the British had retreated from Danbury, General Wooster and General Arnold attacked them on the road to Ridgefield. General Wooster was mortally wounded near Ridgefield on April 27 and was brought to this house. He died there on May 2, 1777.

The house no longer exists. It was demolished prior to 1891. (See


Nehemiah Dibble house

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