Dr. David Barclay and James Milligan
SUNY Cortland

These pages describe the glacial history and paleoclimatic record at Nellie Juan Glacier in south-central Alaska.  These studies are possible at this location because of the exceptional preservation of glacially scarred and overrun trees along the margins of the fjord.  Tree-ring series from these damaged and dead trees record when they were hit by the advancing glacier, and so allow the most recent advance and maximum stand of Nellie Juan Glacier to be reconstructed in considerable detail.  Furthermore, these tree-rings are a record of climate in this area and can be used to infer how climate has changed in south-central Alaska during the past 850 years.

The data described in these pages were collected by David Barclay and James Milligan in July 2000, and by Greg Wiles, Parker Calkin and Dino Maraldo in 1992.  The results of this project were published in 2003 in Annals of Glaciology and 1999 in The Holocene (see citations below).

Location maps and regional information
Photo overflight of study area
Geology and vegetation
Subfossil trees and sampling
Reconstructed ice advance
20th century ice retreat

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Scenic Mountain Air provided floatplane transportation into the field and a place to stay while we waited for the weather to cooperate.

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Jim (left) and Dave ready to head into the field.
Photo by Lura & Vern Kingsford