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12th New York Cavalry

This page stands as a memorial to those valiant men who served in the 12th New York Volunteer Regiment of Cavalry. My purpose in establishing the page is to create a central repository and clearinghouse for information related to the regiment and the men who served in it.

As it is in most pages of this type, the material will be undergoing constant revision and updating. Contributions, corrections and comments from those who are interested are always welcome. Just drop me a note. With your assistance in providing photographs, journals, documents, etc. I hope to be able to expand this page.


Recruiting Poster
A little slow to load
Newapaper Announcement of Organization Activities
Thursday, November 6, 1862
Whence They Came
A list of counties where the 12th was recruited
A Summary of the Regiment's Service
A brief history of the regiment copied from Dyer's A Compendium of the War of the Rebellion
List of Campaigns, Engagements and Casualties
Activities of the regiment extracted from Phisterer's New York in the War of the Rebellion, 1861-1865
Officers of the Regiment
A list of officers of the 12th taken from The Annual Report of the (NY) Adjutant General's Office for the Year 1868
A Second Listing of Officers of the Regiment
Another list of officers of the 12th, this one copied from Phisterer's New York in the War of the Rebellion, 1861-1865
Record of the Officers
The Records of officers of the 12th copied from Phisterer's New York in the War of the Rebellion, 1861-1865
Regimental Roster
A list of personnel of the 12th taken from The Annual Report of the (NY) Adjutant General's Office for the Year 1894
Possible Additions to the Roster
Others who may have served in the 12th
Casualty List
A listing by engagement of the 12th's losses from Phisterer's New York in the War of the Rebellion, 1861-1865
Battle of Plymouth, NC, April 17-20, 1864
Losses from Companies A and F of the 12th
Photo Gallery
Various photos related to the regiment's members
Dispatches Relating to the 12th
Excerpts from the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies
Letters of Oren T. Wooster
The correspondence of Oren T. Wooster, Company B
P.O.W. Memoirs of Henry A. Harman
A private from Company A writes of his experiences at Andersonville and other Confederate prisons
Letter from First Lieutenant Alonzo Cooper
May 17, 1865
Brief Memoir of Isidore Isaacs
Alias Theodore Barwood
Letters from Pvt. William Davies to His Wife
December 24, 1862 to July 8, 1863
Letters from First Lieutenant Giles F. Ward, Jr.
June 26, 1862 to January 6, 1865
First Time Under Fire
A Rather Hot Initiation of a New York Boy at Batchelder's Creek
The gallant but ill-fated 12th . . .
A recently written history of the 12th by David A. Norris
General Potter's Raid on Greenville, Tarboro, and Rocky Mount, July 19-23, 1863
By David A. Norris. This is a large file and slow to load, but it is worth it!
Longest Held Prisoner at Andersonville
Did Sidney Palen of the 12th NY Cavalry Hold this Distinction?
The Execution of Pvt. James Preble
With an Account from The New York Tribune
Was There a Mutiny in Company M?
Evidence seems to indicate that there was.
1897 Reunion at Buffalo
Lieutenant Alonzo Cooper Recalls a Lost Jug of Whiskey
1897 Reunion Ribbon
A rare treasure
August 25, 1897 Buffalo Morning Express coverage of the 31st GAR Encampment in Buffalo
Sent to me November 28, 2012 by Stan Broderick of Derby, NY, great-great-grandnephew of Captain John DeLee, who was killed at Wyse Forks
A 1904 Attempt to Increase Alonzo Cooper's Pension
To 24 dollars per month
The Flags of the 12th
Their present location
Weapons, Equipment, Uniforms, Insignia, &c.
Your information and contributions are solicited
Final Rest
Burial locations and obituaries
Links to Other Sites
Similar sites with related Civil War material
This site is dedicated to Oren T. Wooster, who was a Private in Company B and the oldest sibling of my grandfather.
Oren died of yellow fever at New Berne on September 25, 1864.

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