WSUC Promotions & Giveaways

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WSUC T-Shirt
Every year, the WSUC executive board designs a new t-shirt for each school year. This year, we've chosen a red shirt with a brand new WSUC logo. The back includes some of our famous slogans along with our station phone number.

To obtain a t-shirt, you must participate in one of the WSUC-sponsered events. Opportunities to win shirts by calling in will be available next semester.

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WSUC Bumper Sticker
Our bumper sticker is a staple for giveaways. As our first promotional item, the bumper stickers are an instant classic. Show off your WSUC pride by sticking these on your car, notebooks, etc. Bumper stickers are given out at all events and contests.

If you would like to recieve a free bumper sticker, please contact someone from the station and they will be happy to provide you with one.

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WSUC Travel Bottle
The travel water bottle is a stable for WSUC giveaways. Every year we order more as they have become one of the most popular promotional items.

Travel bottles can be obtained through contests and events as well.

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WSUC Keychain
The WSUC keychain is another essential WSUC item. Given out at most WSUC-related events, the keychain is a staple for your WSUC collection.

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