Creating Standards-based Activities Integrating Authentic Materials from the WWW
Jean W. LeLoup, SUNY Cortland
Robert Ponterio, SUNY Cortland
NSAFLT Annual Meeting Series 2000

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I. Overview of the article

Why use technology in the first place?
"A Communications Technology Module for the Foreign Language Methods Course"

II. National Standards for Foreign Language Learning

  • The 5 C's: Communication (3 modes:  interpretive, interpersonal, presentational), Cultures, Connections, Comparisons, Communities
  • ACTFL page on National Standards

  • "Meeting the National Standards: Now What Do I Do?"  JWL & RP

        (abridged version for ERIC)

    III. Authentic Materials in the FL classroom:

    IV. Finding Materials for Curricular Goals

    Topics of the New York State Syllabus:
    1. Personal Identification
    2. House and Home
    3. Services
    4. Family Life
    5. Community/Neighborhood
    6. Physical Environment
    7. Meal Taking/Food/Drink
    8. Health and Welfare
    9. Education
    10. Earning a Living
    11. Leisure
    12. Public and Private Services
    13. Shopping
    14. Travel
    15. Current Events
    (Modern Languages for Communication.  New York State Syllabus.  (n.d.)  Albany, NY:  The State Education Department.  pp. 13-17)
    V. Pedagogical basis for lessons
      VI. Putting it all Together: Sample activities VII.  Creating Standards-based Activities for the WWW
  • Reference pages for web activity creation:
  • Multimedia Development for International Communication:
    California FL Teachers Project:

    VIII.  Conclusion

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