Educational Psychology

Cortland College

Dr.Margaret D. Anderson

Tutorial Topics

Tutorials are provided in the following topics which are considered to be some of the core elements, and building blocks of Educational Psychology. These tutorials are intended to provide a general introduction to the specified topic and to provide a framework upon which to develop more advanced and specific explorations into topics of interest to Educational Psychologists.

These tutorials should be used as the reference for answering the associated mastery quizzes.

  1. What is Ed Psych?
  2. Behavioral Approach  @
  3. Cognitive Approach  @
  4. Humanistic Approach  @
  5. Piaget  @
  6. Erikson  @
  7. Kohlberg  @
  8. Maslow  @
  9. Operant Conditioning  @
  10. Classical Conditioning  @
  11. Statistics for Teachers @
  12. Vygotsky
  13. Facilitated Communication
  14. Attention Deficit Disorder
  15. Rogers
  16. Summerhill
  17. Home Schooling
  18. Learning Styles

The tutorials marked with an @ indicate that they have related mastery quizzes.