FLTEACH Ancillaries

The materials on this page were developed to serve language teachers as part of the FLTEACH project. We hope that FLTEACH will also be used to foster a community in which colleagues at all levels can seek information, resolve problems, and share ideas, outlines, handouts and other teaching materials, syllabi, and bibliographies.

FLTEACH Subscriber Statistics
Current graphs of FLTEACH membership include subscribership, geographical distribution (US & worldwide), institutional levels, languages spoken. See how we have grown since Feb. 1994.

Subscriber Biographies
The FLTEACH biography collection includes information submitted by FLTEACH subscribers including teaching level, languages, school name, location, specialization, interests, and current projects.  The database can be searched by keyword but is not accessible through search engines such as Google.

A number of particularly useful messages from common discussion threads have been collected in our FLTEACH FAQs. These Frequently Asked Questions touch on important topics such as classroom discipline, oral participation, student teaching, advice to new teachers, accent marks, etc.


FLTEACH collection of syllabi for FL Teaching Methods
Syllabi for Foreign Language Teaching Methods courses have been donated by methods professors from around the country.  If you wish to include the syllabus for a methods course that you teach, please contact Jean LeLoup:address

For suggested assignments for your methods students, please look at and contribute to our wiki - FLTEACH : Suggestions for Appropriate Assignments for Students in Second Language Teaching Methods Classes:

FLTEACH annotated bibliography for SLA
An annotated bibliography of articles on SLA, ESL, and Bilingual Education is available online. If you wish to contribute additional annotations on articles in these areas, please contact Jean LeLoup:address

FLTEACH Lesson Plan Database
FLTEACH has a database of Lesson Plans for language classes submitted by teachers and searchable by a variety of criteria. If you wish to contribute additional lessons, please submit them online.


#flteach Twitter hashtag
The #flteach hashtag lets you follow and contribute to #flteach in your own Twitter account by adding "#flteach" to any tweet.

FLTEACH Facebook page
An FLTEACH Facebook group is managed by Polly Franklin. This is a great wat for FLTEACHers to share files. You can put the file (text, audio, video) here and then announce it on the list.

Announcements Bulletin Board
Announcements that might not ordinarily be appropriate for the FLTEACH email list (e.g. those of a commercial nature) may be posted as a new topic on our FLTEACH Announcements bulletin board.  These may include paid courses, programs of study, online products or services supported by ads, workshops, special events, items for sale, etc.  Items listed here will NOT appear in the FLTEACH email discussion forum. Post your announcement as a GUEST, using your name and contact information as your username (no need to register). Be sure to use a meaningful subject line.


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Things to check out
Check out these additional materials that are related to FLTEACH in various ways. Some were developed by the moderators or by various FLTEACH subscribers.