A few things to check out

These are additional FLTEACH related materials and locally developed FL sites.


-FL sites developed at SUNY Cortland
Here at SUNY Cortland we have been developing online materials for free use by our FL colleagues through our Languages Across the Curriculum project. 
- To help you get started using the Internet take a look at A Communications Technology Module for the Foreign Language Methods Course by Jean LeLoup. 
- For French civilization try out Civilisation française by Marie Ponterio. 
- You can also use Spanish language culture modules called Taller hispano by Jean LeLoup.
- To learn how to develop your own multimedia WWW materials, check out our online course materials.
- If you are interested in statistics, see our Introduction to Statistics in Spanish with glossery in Spanish, English, and French.

-Online articles by the FLTEACH moderators
A number of articles by Jean W. LeLoup and Robert Ponterio about the Internet and use of electronic technologies in foreign language teaching are now available online.

-Online workshop materials by the FLTEACH moderators
Here are a few workshops that Jean W. LeLoup and Robert Ponterio have presented at conferences.

-On the Net
Language Learning & Technology a free online journal for second and foreign language educators since 1997. Check out "On the Net", a regular column written by Jean LeLoup & Bob Ponterio from 1997 until 2007. Complete archives are freely available online.

-FLTEACH subscriber pages
Web pages of many FLTEACH subscribers have been collected by Janel Brennan and by Bev Larson .

-Bill Heller's Participation Rubrics
Bill has set up participation rubrics for lower level and upper level classes.

-Configuring your email postings
How to Configure Email Program to Plain Text is a site that will help you configure your email to send plain text messages to FLTEACH. Messages with attachments or messy formatting tags are not appropriate in list mail. Also check out 7 reasons why HTML e-mail is EVIL!!!

-Virtual Connections
The Virtual Connections table of contents may be found here. Many contributors to this book about Internet-based activities for FL classes are FLTEACH subscribers.

-The Euro
The FLTEACH euro page includes images of the French euro coins.