FLTEACH List Subscription and Posting Data

What levels do FLTEACH subscribers teach?

FLTEACHers teach in a variety of schools, some are independent, others work for publishers or for the government.



Where do FLTEACHers come from?

Within the US, FLTEACH subscribers come from every state. 


Other countries?

90% of FLTEACH subscribers are from the USA. Here is the breakdown by country of origin for the 81 other countries represented in January 2014.


How many FLTEACH subscribers are there?

The Foreign Language Teaching Forum grew rapidly after its inception on February 1, 1994. The following graph shows how the number of subscribers has changed with time. This graph is based on the data that we collect for tracking purposes. This chart does not include those who access FLTEACH via social media, the archives or newsreaders, only actual email subscriptions.



How busy is FLTEACH?

This graph shows how many messages are posted each month and how many different posters contribute. Note how beginning in 2000 the moderators have been using various means to limit traffic in order to keep the number of messages each month to a manageable level. Our goal is to allow free discussion within the FLTEACH guidelines without letting the amount of mail become too great.


What languages do FLTEACH subscribers teach?

These are the languages that at least one teacher reported that they taught or spoke.