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1. Welcome
We are very pleased to welcome you to the Foreign Language Teaching Forum e-mail list. Subscription is free and subscribers will receive FLTEACH messages in their email account. This list distributes electronic mail allowing members to "post" and reply to messages of interest to all FLTEACH subscribers.

The topic of this list is Foreign Language Teaching methods including school / college articulation, training of student teachers, curriculum, standards, materials, and techniques. We hope that this list will also be used to foster a community in which colleagues can share ideas, outlines, handouts and other teaching materials, syllabi, and bibliographies. We ask all subscribers to submit a very brief biographical statement to help members get to know each other. You will receive a bio template shortly. You can search through the FLTEACH message archive and subscriber biographies via the FLTEACH World Wide Web site, see below, where we have collected these and many other useful Foreign Language Electronic Resources.

Please be sure to study our posting guidelines below before sending messages to FLTEACH.

2. What is FLTEACH?
FLTEACH was founded in February 1994 and is running on a computer at SUNY at Buffalo. The co-moderators are:

Jean LeLoup :
Robert Ponterio :

We seek to foster networking among foreign language professionals in the context of Bridging the Gap between and among all levels of FL learning and in all of the different sorts of classroom environments where FL learning takes place.  This project was begun as the result of meetings among teachers at NYSAFLT (New York State Association of Foreign Language Teachers) showing the need of a forum for discussion of issues of concern to us at all levels.

Using this LISTSERV list is not difficult. To get help, send a one-line command in a message to:

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The INDEX and DIGEST options can be set to be plain text, MIME format, or HTML format with links.  HTML Index is easier to use because you can just click on any message you wish to read.


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3. World Wide Web and News access
FLTEACH also provides access to the list archives and to a selection of popular collections of WWW resources for FL teachers on our WWW page:

For subscribers who do not wish to receive FLTEACH via email and who have trouble accessing the WWW
archives, there is RSS news feed access for FLTEACH. You can find a few RSS options on our Ancillaries page:

4. Leaving FLTEACH, temporarily and permanently
You can leave FLTEACH permanently by sending the command:


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You should SET FLTEACH NOMAIL if you will be away from your mailbox for an extended period of time. Your in-box could overflow causing filespace problems. If you wish to catch up on what you missed, you can GET the monthly logs from by sending the command (for example: March 1996 = 9603):


You can also obtain these logs and examine the FLTEACH message archive or subscriber biographical statements by keyword search on the FLTEACH WWW page.

5. Posting Guidelines
A. Remember that any LISTSERV commands MUST be sent from your address to the computer program, not to the other subscribers at:

B. Send personal messages to the individual for whom they are intended, not to the entire list. All FLTEACH subscribers are very busy, please be courteous and take the time to check the "TO:" line in your message to be sure where it is going. "REPLY" usually sends a message to the entire list. You may wish to use the FORWARD or SEND functions of your e-mail software to direct answers to individuals whenever possible. Be especially careful to avoid posting "me too" or "I agree" type replies.

C. Use SUBJECT headers that indicate the real content of your posting. Also be sure to include enough information in your replies so that the context of your message is clear. You might wish to summarize the message to which you are replying or include a brief extract.

D. Always remember to sign your name at the beginning or end of your message so that readers know who you are.

E. Messages of a commercial nature are NOT ALLOWED.  This means any exchange of money for goods or services by either for-profit or non-profit companies or organizations.  We also strongly discourage the use of this list for organizational public relations.  If you have any doubts about sending a message, please ask the moderators.  We will be happy to help you stay within our guidelines. FLTEACH does have a free and unrestricted Bulletin Board that is available for such messages:

F. Please do NOT send attachments as part of your FLTEACH posting.  While some subscribers are able to retrieve attachments, many more are not and their inclusion causes many problems for numerous mail accounts.

We encourage you to post comments, questions, and suggestions about Foreign Language Teaching to "". This discussion list is intended as a forum for you to communicate with your colleagues at other schools. We expect all postings to reflect the open, friendly, collegial, and professional atmosphere that has always existed on FLTEACH. Participation in FLTEACH is dependent upon following these guidelines. Messages that do not follow the guidelines may not be posted, and failure to follow the guidelines will result in exclusion from the list.


FLTEACH now has three topics: FLES (for EARLY LANGUAGE LEARNING), NADSFL (for NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF DISTRICT SUPERVISORS OF FOREIGN LANGUAGES), and NEW-VISIONS (New Visions in Foreign Language Education). The default setting for subscribers does not include messages directed specifically to these topics. If you wish to change your setting, please use the instructions below.

If you wish to participate in the subtopic XXX on FLTEACH, send the following commands to

SET FLTEACH TOPICS= XXX (you will receive only messages whose subject line begins with XXX:)

SET FLTEACH TOPICS= ALL (you will receive all FLTEACH messages, including XXX topics)

SET FLTEACH TOPICS= OTHER (you will receive all FLTEACH messages except XXX: topics) This is the default setting.

7. Please tell your colleagues about FLTEACH!
This forum will grow in usefulness as more foreign language professionals use it.

If you have any suggestions, or need any help with FLTEACH, please let us know by sending a message to us (Jean and Bob) personally, NOT to FLTEACH. Our e-mail and school addresses are listed below.

Co-Moderators of the FLTEACH List:
Jean W. LeLoup, Department of Foreign Languages, USAFA
Robert Ponterio, Department of Modern Languages, SUNY Cortland