Cortland - Communication Studies
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Major in Communication Studies

A broad-based, balanced and flexible curriculum orrering a background in theory, analysis, writing and practical application through class work, campus media, internship and international study opportunities. Students with strong interest in a particular field may apply for admission into focussed concentrations.

Career Potential
- Television/radio/journalism
- Public relations/advertising
- Government/business
- Electronic communication

Courses Required within the Major: 36 credit hours must be taken from the following:

A. Required Core Courses: 24 credit hours
COM 100: Human Communication
COM 200: Communication History
COM 203: Introduction to Media Writing
COM 210: Fundamentals of Public Speaking
COM 301: Mass Media and Society
COM 302: Intercultural Communication or
COM 303: International Communication
COM 304: Communication Research
COM 400: Communication Law and Ethics

B. Communication Studies Electives: 12 credit hours (6 cr/hrs at the 300/400 level)


Concentrations in:
-Media Production
-Public Relations and Advertising

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